Beverly Hills Turns 100. Let’s Eat Cake!

The City of Beverly Hills turned 100 in January of 2014 and has been celebrating the milestone ever since the year started.

The year-long celebration went on yesterday, April 27, with a “Block Party” on Rodeo Drive. The city closed the three blocks of the street that house high-end stores and turned them into a carnival event open to the community and visitors.The biggest attraction was a 9-foot-tall, 12-foot-wide, 24-foot-long chocolate cake anchored by a miniature of Beverly Hills’ Spanish-style City Hall that would yield 15,000 slices.

Well, I had to see that! And so I went; and so I saw it; and so I ate the famous confection.

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It was a fun party and families were having a ball, trying foods from the best restaurants in the area, riding a ferris wheel, playing games and going on rides, or just dancing. A lot of interesting characters showed up to make it a typical Beverly Hills event. No celebrities, just some eccentric types. But all in all, a fun event, very open and very family oriented. Congrats to the organizers!

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