Endeavour Is Home!

It was the visual spectacle of my lifetime, that’s for sure!

This morning was all about Endeavour for me. We went to Venice Beach, one of the venues selected for the shuttle flyover. It was a long wait –about an hour– but well worth it. Close to noon the shuttle and her entourage emerged from the foggy skies of the Pacific coast and excitement took over the crowd. It was flying right towards us.

Seeing Endeavour fly over my head, piggybacking on that huge Boeing 747, was an amazing experience. It flew quite low –about 1,200 feet, someone said– but it went by very fast, leaving everyone wanting more. If only it had hovered over us for a just a few seconds… 🙂

Being right under Endeavour was exciting from a viewing perspective, but that was not the best vantage point for photographing it, so my pictures reflect that. They also reflect the wrong choice of camera (I decided to use my compact Canon!) and the fact that I was blinded by the sun as I looked up to photograph the majestic apparatus. Needless to say, I missed the spot completely. But here they are…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, if you want to see spectacular images, see these photos from the L. A. Times photographers. 


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