Do Angelenos Prefer Italian Food?

I’ve been to almost forty restaurants in L.A. these past eight months and I know it’s possible to experience a variety of cuisines in the city. So how come every time I’ve asked for suggestions of good places to eat, the answer has been “there’s this great Italian restaurant…”? I’m quite amused by that.

I wonder if that’s because there are more Italian restaurants in L.A. than in other cities… Or perhaps people here just like Italian food? Or maybe they feel it’s a safer choice of food, as most people like it? Or is it all just a huge coincidence? I’ll figure it out eventually. Or maybe not…

Meanwhile, I’ve been to several Italian restaurants on the West side, some of which are indeed very good. So, if I had to suggest good restaurants in L.A. I’d probably mention a few Italian places, like Vincenti and Palmeri, in Brentwood, Villetta in Santa Monica, or Il Piccolino, in West Hollywood.

But I’d throw in a few other suggestions, such as The Ivy and Petrossian, in West Hollywood, One Pico in Santa Monica, and Rock Sugar in Century City. And for great sushi, you can’t go wrong with Katsuya, in Brentwood, and Sugarfish in various locations, including downtown, Brentwood and Santa Monica.

I guess there’s nothing else to say now, except Bon Appétit! Or should I say Buon Appetito?


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