Hiking’s Big in L.A. Who knew?

It’s common knowledge that people in Los Angeles drive almost everywhere. True, Angelenos love their cars, but what is little known to people outside the L.A. area is that Angelenos also love hiking and do a lot of it.

And why wouldn’t they?  There are extremely beautiful trails throughout the area’s mountains and canyons, with spectacular views of the city, the valleys, and the Pacific ocean.

I’m not much of a hiker but I had a wonderful time hiking an easy trail on San Vicente Mountain. I especially enjoyed the friendly hikers –this is a trail that attracts families with kids and allows dogs. Needless to say, kids and pooches have a blast!

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Now, if you like hiking but can’t conceive of Los Angeles without Hollywood and celebrities, you might want to hike the Hollywood Hills, where you can take a peak at million dollar mansions, see the Hollywood sign up close and, if you’re lucky, see a movie star or two. But don’t let that distract you because along the L.A. trails the real stars are the breathtaking views.


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