June Gloom? Bring It!

I had been warned: the months of May and June in Los Angeles have lots of gray, gloomy days.

It was hard to envision that after having seen fall and winter days that were ten times sunnier than some spring and summer days on the East Coast! But locals assured me it would happen. And lo and behold, as June came along, so did those gray, breezy, gloomy days…

I don’t know about “May gray” –I didn’t notice anything special about the weather last month– but “June gloom” is for real! So far, almost every day in June has been cloudy and windy and somewhat gloomy.

This phenomenon is the result of three things that occur around this time of the year: cold Pacific Ocean water, an ocean current known as the California Current, and a high pressure formation known as the Pacific High. Put these three together and voilà! Welcome to June gloom!

While tourists and locals may dread this weather, I must confess I am enjoying it. I actually welcome a little cloud coverage in this intensely sunny city. For one, because, as many Angelenos do, we decided not to use our garage and turned it into a gym. That means our cars can bake in the sun for hours, making the first few minutes of a ride quite unpleasant. These cloudy, cooler days make a huge difference in that regard…

I also noticed that this phenomenon takes place mostly in the morning and early afternoon. By mid to late-afternoon the sun starts to break through the clouds and the rest of the day ends up being quite pleasant.

Whether one likes or hates June gloom, I guess it’s safe to say that June is not the best month to visit the L.A. area, especially if lying in the sun in Santa Monica or Malibu is your number one priority. Save that for the other summer months.

But no matter what your plans are, or what time of the year you come to L.A., the thing to always remember is that temperatures here vary within just a few miles. For example, when it’s 72°F in Santa Monica, it might be 80°F downtown, and even hotter in the Valleys. And the coast remains cool and comfortable, even a bit nippy, throughout the summer. No wonder the weather forecast for the L.A. area is a rather complicated report on what’s happening in the mountains, the desert, the valleys, the basin, the beaches, etc.

The bottom line? When visiting L.A. always dress in layers!!

P.S. Those are not my feet… 🙂


3 thoughts on “June Gloom? Bring It!

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