“The Rock” Has Arrived

On March 10, the 349-ton boulder that will soon be part of Michael Heizer‘s Levitated Mass finished its 11-day journey,  arriving at LACMA at 4:45AM to great fanfare.

The rock, still shrink-wrapped in white plastic, and its 176-wheel transporter are now parked across from another LACMA signature artwork, Chris Burden’s Urban Light. The public can see it from behind a fence that surrounds the entire area where Levitated Mass will be installed.

But the installation will not be unveiled for another two months or so. This is what will take to dismantle the transporter and to erect the massive gantries needed to install the rock above Heizer’s 456-foot-long slot in the ground which will create the levitation effect.

I stopped by LACMA to take some photos and got to talk to folks who were there admiring and photographing the now famous rock. Judging from their enthusiasm, and from the excitement shown by people in the cities along its journey, Levitated Mass is already a hit. And great PR for LACMA too. Folks who hadn’t even heard of LACMA before, will want to come to the museum to see what happened to the rock that rolled along their towns on its way to becoming art. Should the excitement continue, the installation will bring large crowds and big revenues to the museum.  Kudos, LACMA!

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